Changes, transitions, faith and being a risk-taker …

In an effort to grow and challenge ourselves in new ways my family and I have decided to take a real leap of faith and move to Seattle, WA. We have always wanted to live in the northwest and decided that this is a good a time as any to make such a move. It comes at a time when we are both seeking new opportunities and learning. In preparing for this we put our house on the market three weeks ago, and it is now under contract which states that we need to be out of it by July 21. I honestly had not intended for it to happen this fast, but it has and we need to move. I have been and will continue to look for employment opportunities, at libraries and museums in the Seattle area. My objective is to find something close to what I have been doing as the Emerging Technology Manager at PLCMC.

In coming to PLCMC two years ago from the Bloomington Public Library and on the heals of being named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker, I wanted to be able to work in and understand a large, more innovative and creative library system. Over the past two years I have been able to work with some amazing people and accomplish some pretty great things (ET News v. 2 issue 2) . I am so thankful for PLCMC and the opportunities that I have been given here. I especially want to thank all of the folks at ImaginOn and Main Library. I’ve never worked with a more professional, bright and dedicated staff than the folks in Virtual Village.

Lastly, some may look at this move and say that is crazy, risky, stupid, etc. He is flying without a parachute or a net. Yes, I agree to some extent that doing this is a bit risky, but sometimes in life we need to do things a bit different by trusting and have some faith that things will work out. Library culture isn’t typically a place that handles risk well, but on the other hand that is the nature of a library (a stable place and space). It is just that risk and challenge is what tends to make things new and sometimes great. it makes us stretch as individuals and as institutions. I feel that living such a risk in my own life then helps me to more fully understand how that process really plays out in many other facets of an organization. I hope that makes sense.

That said, I will be seeking any and all opportunities in the Seattle area that help me grow, learn and discover new possibilities as a contributor in creating experiences for people and communities that enhance and sustain their lives (and ultimately their stories).

One thought on “Changes, transitions, faith and being a risk-taker …”

  1. Matt,
    I know that you will go far in Seattle. There is something magical about the Pacific Northwest. I’m going to get out there one of these days myself. Take care and have a safe and wonderous trip with your family. I’m sure that you will have the perfect job opportunity come your way.
    Best of luck,
    Christie BW

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