Matt’s Notes …

Chambers Bay Photo Shoot

Hello & Welcome

My name is Matt and this is my space to play, think and experiment with interests, hobbies and things I’m learning. In my personal life,  I’ve been married to Suzy for thirty years or so, and we have three great kids, Abby (27), Allison (26) & Sam. We live in the Pacific Northwest (Tacoma, WA) with a couple dogs, five chickens, a rabbit, gardens and fruit trees.   Walking is one of my favorite past times, and I will walk anywhere … around town, in the woods or out in the country. I also enjoy creating/learning new things, reading, doodling/drawing, listening to music and watching movies.

Things I’m currently working on – Building a garden shed from reclaimed items; studying myth and story as a way of deep knowing with Dr. Martin Shaw (; creating journals for writing, etc. and here is my first creation from Old Truck Publications.

Professionally – I work as a psychotherapist ( and a professional academic librarian (

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