Experimental Game Lab Talk … Public Libraries Association Conference

Wow! It has been a busy month. I just returned from Computers in Libraries and after a major wrestling match with Slideshare.net I’ve at least posted slides from one of my PLA talks. I will try to get the other posted in an abbreviated form soon.

Here are slides that I created for the PLA Table Talk on … experimental Game Lab in the Library. The talk went well. We had about 15 participants who all shared stories, questions, issues and problems related to doing and creating gaming activities/programs in their libraries. We had folks from Park Ridge Public Library, Orange County Library System, Lafayette Public Library, County of Los Angeles Public Library, Hennepin County Library, Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library, Jefferson Davis Parish Library, Cuyahoga County Public Library and San Francisco Public Library.

Some of the highlights:

  • One library creates gaming kits or programs in a box with game consoles and instructions.
  • Someone else mentioned that they create a Senior’s Bowling Tournament with the Wii.
  • The thought of trying to use portable devices, i.e., cell phones, to interact with our communities better, via gaming is another angle on the issue. The game “Kill You with Kindness” was brought up as an example.
  • Park Ridge Public Library is doing Game Design Workshops for youth.
  • Orange County Library System has done some great gaming programs with Full Sail and EA Games that educate youth about careers in games.

As one can tell it was a lively conversation were people shared their stories and ideas. Thanks to you all for participating.


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