YouthTech blog post: League of Worlds Notes …

League of Worlds Notes …

This is the 3rd meeting of this group of folks interested in using virtual worlds, role plays, simulations and education. Role of metaphors in virtual worlds was one active conversation at the last colloquim.

New faces … group and work has expanded. Will try to produce an artifact of the work here – to contribute to the conversation that is happening all around us.

Rod Riegel using EverQuest II
Create an online portal with a backstory. Nice video intro.
Create a Guild … The Change Guild
Automated Functions: members, events, bank & chat.
Do something different and better than you can do in a face to face educational setting.
Create Quests: active, immersive and automated.
Quests: Attain level 20 in EQ2
Potential subjects:
Econ, geography, sociology, psychology, education, history, math, philosophy, linguistics, physics, politics
Nic Lee at Stanford lists appropriate material to this.
Create your own world
Econ 201 at UNCG
Build a mod
Revolution created by Education Arcade
Use a Social Environment
e.g., Second Life
Currently about 40 MMORPGS
Videogame players
50% pre tweens
81% teens

Creating Persona’s in SL
Can be a group … an avatar
Infinitely customizable

Life as an avatar
AETZone – 3D Virtual World developed by ASU

AET uses Active Worlds virtual world (
Uses audio chat with Talking Communities
Took some pictures of various slides.

No sense of place by Joshua N.—a book

Place 1st, 2nd and 3rd places …
Promotion of kinesthetic learning …
Cognitive scaffolding: presense, space, affordance …

Greg Jones from Univ. of North Texas
AERA TACTL SIG – games and sim learning
Developing and writing about outcomes – what is this cool stuff and how does it work.
Adoption is the issue that is facing us in educational research.
Computer gaming inventory – how does their gaming understanding and experience help with their learning and test scores.

Narrative and Story in Learning from the Institute of Creative Technologies
What is narrative?
Recounting of a sequence of events
continuant subject
What is a story?
Narrative +
Structured plot
Dramatic arc
Emergent narrative
it is a mental construct with narrative psychology
Jerome Bruner’s construction of reality
Coherent narrative doesn’t always emerge
Guided Narrative
Story telling
Constrain emergence
From simulation to game
Correlation between narrative and pedagogy
Emergent narrative constructivist learning
Guided narrative – guided teaching (pedagogy)
Benefits of supporting narrative thought
Engagement and motivation
Situated learning through dramatic role-playing
Memory and well-structured narrative
Durative belief change
Transfer of tacit knowledge
Interactive Storytelling
Computer tells a story
User is interactive participant
User actions incorporated into narrative and can change the direction and/or outcome of the story
Emergence vs. Guidance
Common approach: Branching – a lot of work
Interactive Narrative for Training
Hypothesis: Expertise through narrative-mediated experience
Goal: A system that uses story to control a trainee’s experiences in a training simulation
IN-TALE (Interactive Narrative – Tacit adaptive leader Experience)
Narrative-based training simulation
Branching …

Back story
marketplace security
Characters Saleh, Hassan

Mixed-simulation control

Automated Story Director
-the bridge between simulation and story
-directs character agents
-monitors progress of trainee through story
-dynamically adapts story to keep trainee progressing towards relevant situations
Maintains user participation

Strong correlation between narrative and pedagogy.

Dynamics of online role-play simulations: games learning and society

Second Life Library…_Info_Island

ASU Library’s presentation on Virtual Library Interface Design
Virtual Usable: A Test of the Library
-Audio chat rooms?

Creating a 3D Environment for Case Study Analysis: Part II
That was Then …
Sense of Presence
Serendipitous dialogue and Learning
Engaging environment
Brought students in LIS and School Admin together …
Web 2.0 tools to provide collaborative tools within the Info Commons
Cybraria – not used because he doesn’t really need a programmatic specific tool/area

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