Learning 2.0: Wayfaring

Yeah, Wayfaring one of my favorites. although I discovered it over 4-5 months ago, I’ve only added one map and here it is: http://www.wayfaring.com/maps/show/8740. Hopefully, you will be able to see it, for it is pointing out one of my favorite coffeeshops in Bloomington, IL of which I greatly miss. Yeah, I miss a few of my family and friends in the Bloomington/Peoria areas too. NC is nice, but a bit different at times.

Published by: Matt

Personally -- Family man with a lovely wife & 3 great kids. Animal lover who currently cares for and lives with Ollie (dog), Shaggy (rabbit), Libby, Helen, Suzy, Allison & Abby (chickens) and occasionally Thea (dog). Enjoy Creating, Learning, Reading, Doodling & Drawing. Love to go for walks around town, in the woods and out in the country. Professionally -- I work as a psychotherapist (http://www.gullettcounseling.com/) and a professional academic librarian (https://theseattleschool.edu/faculty-staff/directory/gullett-matt/). Current Learning -- Myth and Story as a way of deep knowing with Dr. Martin Shaw (http://drmartinshaw.com/) Instructional Design and Technology (https://www.edx.org/micromasters/instructional-design-technology) Telemental Health (https://telementalhealthtraining.com/)

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