Learning 2.0: Library ~.~

It is interesting in that for the past year or so I have resisted the whole 2.0 jargon, yet I have embrassed it for what it is. To me that is what web/library/learning/etc. 2.0 is about. It is about being here and now and waking up to the world that is developing around us. It is about paying attention to those things that are transforming life and the experience of such life.

We tend to always put stuff into boxes because of our vocational interest of direction yet we are all in the same boat or planet if you will. Yeah, maybe it is beneficial from an employer’s viewpoint to say oh look she’s really thinking well for the library, but in all actuality if we were somehow included into the big picture of the world that is chatting about organizational, customer driven change we just might have a chance at changing the direction of this whole ship.

Enough of my randomness I think the web/library 2.0 thing is extremely useful within the progress of our organizations and people not because of the actual technologies but more because of the fact that it, hopefully, opens the eyes of leaders/managers/decisionmakers and all staff to understand that there is something going on and we need to be a part of it. We need to watch, adjust, break down barriors, change jobs, develop new departments, omit old ones with or to use what is about to happen, adjust positions, etc. We need change and it needs to be thoughtful, creative, on-the-fly yet planned and compassionate.

So to recap let me say that library/web/whatever 2.0 isn’t about software, technology … it is about people, their thoughts, needs, desires … they are changing because the formats of interaction and communication of the times are changing.

Published by: Matt

Personally -- Family man with a lovely wife & 3 great kids. Animal lover who currently cares for and lives with Ollie (dog), Shaggy (rabbit), Libby, Helen, Suzy, Allison & Abby (chickens) and occasionally Thea (dog). Enjoy Creating, Learning, Reading, Doodling & Drawing. Love to go for walks around town, in the woods and out in the country. Professionally -- I work as a psychotherapist (http://www.gullettcounseling.com/) and a professional academic librarian (https://theseattleschool.edu/faculty-staff/directory/gullett-matt/). Current Learning -- Myth and Story as a way of deep knowing with Dr. Martin Shaw (http://drmartinshaw.com/) Instructional Design and Technology (https://www.edx.org/micromasters/instructional-design-technology) Telemental Health (https://telementalhealthtraining.com/)

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