PLCMC’s Learning 2.0

This has been a wonderful program. It has brought some real insight and change into my thought process about how to approach some problems, opportunities and educational objectives about web/library 2.0. There are and have been some wonderful things hapening out there with these tools and iterations of web software. Learning 2.0 has forced me to take a look at several things that I knew of but never really took the time to play with and understand. Tools such as, technorati, rollyo, wayfaring and many others are things that I will definitely explore more deeply.

One aspect of what needs to be added to L 2.0 is how does this then apply to our public programming and educational objectives within our communities. Because we serve those who come through our doors and those that come in via our web doors. Both need to learn, understand and utilize these new forms of interaction and learning for their homes, businesses, schools, personal lives and communities.

Thanks to Helene, her staff, library admininistration and leadership and most of all thanks to all of those that have participated in this wonderful learning event. This is truly a sign of a dedicated and willing staff that is open to change for all of the right reasons.

Published by: Matt

Personally -- Family man with a lovely wife & 3 great kids. Animal lover who currently cares for and lives with Ollie (dog), Shaggy (rabbit), Libby, Helen, Suzy, Allison & Abby (chickens) and occasionally Thea (dog). Enjoy Creating, Learning, Reading, Doodling & Drawing. Love to go for walks around town, in the woods and out in the country. Professionally -- I work as a psychotherapist ( and a professional academic librarian ( Current Learning -- Myth and Story as a way of deep knowing with Dr. Martin Shaw ( Instructional Design and Technology ( Telemental Health (

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