Graylines blog post: Weakness, fears, strength and struggles

I found this passage from a book (Wherever You Go There you Are, by Jon Kabat Zinn) that I’ve been reading, rather touching and interesting to me, for I know that I struggle with this.

“You can do this by allowing yourself to feel, even to cry, to not have opinions about everything, to not appear invincible or unfeeling to others, but instead to be in touch with and appropriately open about your feelings. What looks like strength is often weakness, an attempt to cover up fear; this is an act or a facade, however convincing it might appear to others or even to yourself.”

Yeah, I know many in life struggle with this. It is interesting how the paradoxes of life play out in our posturing and all. We rationalize so much. We believe in so little that we are often caught in the desert wondering why in the hell did this happen to me? At least, I would hope that some might wonder. So many folks that I care about and interact with on a daily basis either in person or online tend to feel that their resilience is some sort of coping mechanism that helps them to move on and at least live another day (as a zombie, sort of bouncing around in the pinball machine of life really not knowing, caring or trying to understand who in this life they are or could be.). I feel that opening up to the possiblities of their weaknesses, fears, struggles and strengths is always the ongoing first step that they can take.

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Personally -- Family man with a lovely wife & 3 great kids. Animal lover who currently cares for and lives with Ollie (dog), Shaggy (rabbit), Libby, Helen, Suzy, Allison & Abby (chickens) and occasionally Thea (dog). Enjoy Creating, Learning, Reading, Doodling & Drawing. Love to go for walks around town, in the woods and out in the country. Professionally -- I work as a psychotherapist ( and a professional academic librarian ( Current Learning -- Myth and Story as a way of deep knowing with Dr. Martin Shaw ( Instructional Design and Technology ( Telemental Health (

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