Internet Librarian 2006 Notes Draft …

Internet Librarian 2006 Notes Draft …

Cliff Lynch
Practices of scholarship teaching and learning are changing. What does this mean to librarians and info sciences?
Looking beyond traditional structures …

e-science – practice of science has been transformed by high performance computation, networking (remote access and access to other people and shared operational apparatus), large scale management reuse of data for modeling and simulation of data. The Europeans, Canadians and in the U.S. are developing councils to address these needs and uses.
This opens up high-end astronomy to school kids.
Thus, how do we get data reused and curated?

This is not just about the sciences, but much of this same thinking and modeling is happening within the humanities and social sciences. There are some great leadership projects within this area.

“Physics progresses one funeral at a time.”

Humanists want access to evidence … which is a big interest.

Museums are also playing a big role in this. Lots of interest in getting large-scale digitization projects going in our large, fine arts museums. Getty is talking about digitizing their public domain material.

Special collections of the future in humanistic endeavor are going to have to deal with how people approach life. Meaning how do they approach digital life. Scalability problem – historians, etc. cannot deal with all of the data/information – need for info retrieval and data mining issues.

Roles of Libraries …
Policy choices? The sciences – the main role of the library is to pay for journals.
Can’t deal with data curation esp. in the sciences. Future of research libraries may take different paths.

Nature of personal history is changing. Is an issue with any cultural memory organization? The scope of these interests is getting broader. The rise of amateur science, esp. within botany, biology, etc. Libraries of all kinds need to be aware of this.

Offer a series of programs about how to record your life history within a public library.

Determining & Communicating Value
Joe Matthews

How do you communicate the value to those that count?

Elevator speeches … 30-60 sec., 3 min.

Adding value (from a book by Robert Taylor)

∑ ease of use
∑ Noise reduction
∑ Quality
∑ Adaptability
∑ Time savings
∑ Cost savings

Why demonstrate value?

∑ Library’s contribution to meeting org goals and objectives
∑ Show accountability
∑ Advocacy and marketing too
∑ Be proactive

To show value
Use jargon that shows you understand who they are

Evaluation model

Outcome that answer are we doing the right things.




Taxonomy of results:
Time aspect
Money estimates

Don’t talk about circulation … talk about the impact on lives, esp. children.

Public library:

Economic Impact

Leisure time
Informed personal decisions
Support of education 5pt increase in test scores with formal partnerships between public library and schools.
Seattle public got the conv. And visitors bureau to pay for a volunteer coordinator because they are bringing in 17M in revenue to the downtown econ dev. How about ImaginOn?

Cost Benefit ratio – rate of return analysis
3:1 Carnegie
10:1 Phoenix

How to do …. Find local supplier to compare services to
Identify all services price amount of use value
Child. Bks $10 100.000 $1,000,000

Special libraries must prove a positive effect on the bottom line.

Action plan

Elevator speeches

∑ Know your audience and use their language
∑ Determine your value
∑ Communicate your value by focusing on benefits
∑ Use their jargon!

Life Qual Survey is from ARL similar to Serv Qual used in retail – asking customers for a score of services and then use GAP analysis to figure it out.

Flickr and Libraries
It is a real networking tool.
Flickr groups – Libraries and Librarians, Creative Commons, Second Life Library 2.0
We need an Eye4You Alliance flickr group.
Discussion threads are also somewhat useful.
Geoblogging which reports/tags lat and long of pictures
Moo cards –biz cards with flickr images on one side and then contact info on the other.

Fd’s flickr tools
Nancy pearl action figure site
Jail finds – prison librarians find in the books when returned.
Librarian trading cards
Library bags
Westmont Public library
Colr pickr – find photos that have certain colors
Retrievr –sketch the photo that you might be looking for …
Flickr leech
Flickr graph- data visualization
Clockr – real time using flickr photos
Spell with flickr

MySpace Invaders
Videos on YouTube about Myspace: MySpace Commercial, MySpace Addicts, Where’d You Go (MySpace).

Historic figure/book character project

Meebo me widget … look for it.

Learn about being in the user’s space.

My own café at the southeastern library system.

Identity performance – dynamic and static
Writing on walls
The User is Not Broken …

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